Re: Geez, you liberals are STUPID!

Les Griswold (bn946@FreeNet.Carleton.CA)
Sat, 26 Aug 1995 11:23:38 GMT

Richard Marquez ( writes:
> Les Griswold (bn946@FreeNet.Carleton.CA) wrote:
> : Richard Marquez ( writes:


> : > They would ask "am I in Northern Europe?" If they were, they were white.
> : > (What was the demarcation line for "Northern" Europe?)
> : Ah, Richie, Richie, Richie...
> : You were doing so well up to this point. Looks like the concept of time
> : is a little too much for you. But, like a true mindless puppet liberal,
> : you've fallen into this trap of "Northern Europe NOW is the same as
> : Northern Europe ALWAYS WAS!"
> Ummm, no, I was asking "What WAS the demarcation line?" I wasn't
> asking "What is NOW the demarcation line".
> If you were a person in Europe in 500 B.C., where in Europe would
> you have to be to be considered in "Northern Europe"? The 'top
> half'? North of a certain mountain range? North of a certain
> river? Where?

It's really amazing: liberals display the greatest angst when asking
questions like this, almost as if they REALLY want to know, but strangely, it
seems they already know the answer, ie whatever a WP says is automatically

Sorry, Richie, you won't catch me so easily. The definition of Northern
Europe depends upon the geographer one asks; the definition of Northern
European depends upon the time frame. Romans, for example, were Northern
European (or Indo-European. Hi, Raggedy!), but only a pin-head (ie, a
liberal) would argue that Southern Italy is/was in "Northern Europe".

> : > So how does someone of TODAY know if they're "white"? How do you
> : > or Hate, or Teri know you're "white"?
> : How do you know we're not?
> Sorry, Les, I don't really care if you're 'white' or not. YOU on the
> other hand seem to put great importance on your 'whiteness'.

And YOU seem to place great importance on throwing out smoke-clouds of the
"How do you KNOW you're White?" type.

> So I'm assuming that determining your 'whiteness factor' is of much more
> importance to you than it is to me. All I'm interested in is what
> methods do you use to tell if someone is 'white'.

Well, wouldn't you like to know?


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