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Francois-Marie Arouet (
24 Aug 1995 21:14:52 GMT

In article <41gp66$d42$> dannie hawkins <71726.3204@CompuServe.COM> writes:

> Another omegahead, but that last line was sorta cute.

Indeed, the great strategy employed by all those without any kind of decent
argument to stand on: call your opponents silly names.

> >Doug ( (Francois-Marie Arouet) SAID:
> >First of all, learn English. The singular of "species" is "species".
> >There's no such thing as a "specie".

> Damn. reminds me of my last english teacher, ole lady McCorkel. Seventh grade I
> think.

Henry Clay said "I'd rather be right than be President". I say, "I'd rather
be right than be cool (especially in your viewpoint)."

> >In other words, you seem to be saying that we should cease to use the
> >one greatest survival tool that Nature (or God, if you prefer that view)
> >gave to us: the adaptibility and flexibility brought by our intelligence.

> Haven't you heard - THAT is against the LAW. I am a Pagan, and Mother Nature is
> my Guide, so naturally I don't prefer that other term.

I assume that, here, you're sarcastically say that you alone actually are
using your intelligence. Let's remember that.

By the way, I'm Pagan too. And I know that, like I said in what you quoted
just below, that cooperation is often the best survival strategy. That's
why SOCIETY exists in the first place.

> >Also don't forget that in a great many cases in nature, the best strategy for
> >survival is cooperation. Humanity has reached a point, with itself and its
> >environment, where we need to follow this strategy to insure our
> >evolutionary continued success. Doug

> White Aryan Kind is disappearing (only a Fool would deny THAT) and we can thank

You talk about preserving the species. OUr species is humanity, all of us.
That's not a political viewpoint -- it's a biological fact. And are you
going to present any evidence for your claim of disappearance, or are you
just going to spout unsupported rhetoric? The latter? that's what I thought.
If you ever expect to convince anyone maybe you should get a better argument.

> ourselves for being sooo "cooperative" in foreclosing on ourselves. As for our
> environment, Earth's population should probably retreat to something close to
> what it was several hundred years ago. No matter what the Many educated idiots
> say on this subject. They are Narrow-minded short-sighted fools, and they have

Now you're saying that we shouldn't use our intelligence. Which is it?

> been "in charge" far too long, but with each passing day, another day closer to
> RealFools Day.

Like the day you were born ....