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dannie hawkins (71726.3204@CompuServe.COM)
24 Aug 1995 02:46:30 GMT

>Subject: ANOTHER IDIOT (sub subject of LIFE DUTY AND DEATH)
>Gwendoly Piper ( said:
>you cannot go against Nature
>because when you do,
>going against Nature
>is part of Nature too --Love and Rockets.

I'll go for that, and so will many others - IF - All official enforcement
agencies (the people with Big guns and stuff) were disbanded. WOULDN'T that be
GREAT. It would certainly put us much closer to True Natural Law where persons
(individually or tribal(ly)) would tended to their own affairs IN ANY MANNER
THEY CHOSE. I really don't believe *wimpies* would not like your idea tho. You
know how they are. Thanks for the input.
>Allan Dunn ( said:
>What the hell are you blathering about!! You sound like post-modern American
>ecclesiastes hermit! At least in scientific newsgroup, an educated idiot is far
>preferable to a foaming-at-the-mouth, "survivalist" ignorant idiot.
>Bad barbarian, go back to your bunker and sulk.

Another omegahead, but that last line was sorta cute.
>Doug ( (Francois-Marie Arouet) SAID:
>First of all, learn English. The singular of "species" is "species".
>There's no such thing as a "specie".

Damn. reminds me of my last english teacher, ole lady McCorkel. Seventh grade I

>In other words, you seem to be saying that we should cease to use the
>one greatest survival tool that Nature (or God, if you prefer that view)
>gave to us: the adaptibility and flexibility brought by our intelligence.

Haven't you heard - THAT is against the LAW. I am a Pagan, and Mother Nature is
my Guide, so naturally I don't prefer that other term.

>Also don't forget that in a great many cases in nature, the best strategy for
>survival is cooperation. Humanity has reached a point, with itself and its
>environment, where we need to follow this strategy to insure our
>evolutionary continued success. Doug

White Aryan Kind is disappearing (only a Fool would deny THAT) and we can thank
ourselves for being sooo "cooperative" in foreclosing on ourselves. As for our
environment, Earth's population should probably retreat to something close to
what it was several hundred years ago. No matter what the Many educated idiots
say on this subject. They are Narrow-minded short-sighted fools, and they have
been "in charge" far too long, but with each passing day, another day closer to
RealFools Day.
_Earth Abides_