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Wed, 23 Aug 1995 01:36:09 -1000

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> Any given pattern of actions or grouping of such patterns may be analyzed and
> <shudder: grin> mathematically defined (using fuzzy sets). Furthermore, the
> "function" as well as the "functioning" of any given pattern or group of
> patterns may also be deduced (at least in a limited form).

Although I've never really been a fan of sci-fi, recently I started
reading Isaac Asimov's "the foundation trilogy" in which one of the early
characters develops the science of 'psychohistory'. This is supposed to be
an offshoot of psychology mixed with history. It based the outcome of
future events on the 'mathematical' models describing past events.
The character made it clear that this didn't work on individuals and was
applicable only on large masses of humanity. Following the trends/patterns
and mathematically projecting forward (redundant I know) they were able to
see how different projected trends interacted with each other to cause
specific events and then the effects of these events were projected etc.
Any comments on whether we are heading in that direction?

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