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Wed, 23 Aug 1995 01:35:56 -1000

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> Eryn Picard (at693@FreeNet.Carleton.CA) wrote:
> : Irwin Cohen ( writes:
> : > I am currently assembling material to be used for a textbook on physical
> : anthropology for high school students. Anyone out there have any experience
> : in this area? If so, would appreciate any suggestions you have
> : regarded formHat, content or approach.
> : Well.. I started taking physical anthropology in my second year of
> : university. I really don't see how you could cover the material needed to
> : explore this subject fully because of the bacground in biology/chem &
> : physics needed.. perhaps an overview.. but I think it's alot to handle at
> : the high school level..
> : Eryn
> Eryn,
> I disagree. Don't underrate the level of education high school students
> have. Physical anthropology covers a lot of topics: genetics, evolution,
> anatomy, biology, etc., etc. Even the Intro level college courses do
> not fully explore the topic. Only those students wanting to specialize
> in physical anthropology really delve into these topics with the levle
> of expertise needed. I believe one CAN develop a descent introduction
> course at the high school level.

Wish a class like this had been available when I went through school. The
field sounds fascinating but my course has already been set and I've been
sailing it awhile now. (probably too late to change )

Good luck with the class....

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