Re: Anthropology and "Race-Mixing" (was Re: Adolf Hitler - Racist?)

Thomas Kavanagh (
23 Aug 1995 13:20:47 GMT (John Morris) wrote:
>Sorry for the crosspost folks, but I thought the opinion of an
>anthropologist might be of use here.
>Did the Franz Boas or his "school" ever promote "race-mixing"?

No, because Boas and his "school", that is, most of cultural anthropology
today have given up on the concept of race altogether. We do not know
what a race is, where one begins, where it ends, in either time or space.

In the same post, someone said (tracing the who said whats
in that is next to impossible...

>>How about the Boas school of "cultural anthropology"
>>which was virtually all Jewish;

Nope, sorry. German maybe (Kroeber and Lowie,) but not Jewish.

Margaret Mead? Ruth Benedict? Edward Sapir? Ralph Linton?