Anthropology and "Race-Mixing" (was Re: Adolf Hitler - Racist?)

John Morris (
Wed, 23 Aug 1995 02:01:38 GMT

Sorry for the crosspost folks, but I thought the opinion of an
anthropologist might be of use here.

Did the Franz Boas or his "school" ever promote "race-mixing"?

Please delete sci.anthropology from the follow-ups unless you want an
endless and tedious thread on whether or not Hitler was a racist
cluttering up your newsgroup.


Alexander Baron <> wrote:

>In article <4159fj$>
> "Gord McFee" writes:

>[Al Baron wrote:]
>> :>Now that one I do remember. I wonder why he said it. Could it be that prior
>> :>to Franz Boas, the ADL and the appalling anti-white films churned out by
>> :>Sidney Poitier some Jews were pushing race-mixing?

>>[Gord McFee wrote:]
>> Hello? I have not seen too many examples of Jews pushing race mixing, but
>> perhaps you have some sources for this.

[Al Baron wrote:]
>You're joking of course. How about the Boas school of "cultural anthropology"
>which was virtually all Jewish; how about the NAACP which was at one time
>Jewish from top to bottom; how about some of the anti-white hatred and poison
>spewed out by Jewish owned studios in Hollywood; how about the Jewess -
>Ester Brown who was the real prime mover behind Brown v Topeka; how about
>the Searchlight Organisation in the UK; how about the activities of the
>Board of Deputies of "British" Jews. Are you serious?

[Gord McFee wrote:]
>> Hitler was speaking of the enemy (the French) whom he called Jews because
>> Hitler's enemies were almost always called Jews. The point though is that he
>> spoke of a plot ot bring Negroes into the Rhineland to result in
>> "bastardization" of the white race. Since Jews are members of the white
>> race, that seems like a rather silly claim.

[Al Baron wrote:]
>The interpretation may be "silly"; the facts speak for themselves.

>Alexander Baron

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