Re: sci.anthro ???

Rusty Rae (
20 Aug 1995 01:43:29 GMT

> >Is it never going to be a "real" science? If anthropological ideas are
> >to remain relevant they have to continue to develop and change, as
> >societies and cultures are themselves changing. Fixed mindsets can stultify
> >any science. Of course it may be that cultural and social anthropology
> >are alive and dynamic, but it's not much reflected in this newsgroup.

Beg pardon, but you are witnessing the making of an alive and
dynamic cultural and social anthropology. You are part of it. It be
the net. This, like our culture, is instant cultural anthropology!

Instead of posting a wish list for everyone to fulfill, how
'bout you choose a subject and ask the ones who responded to you on
this thread to help you out to get something started. Choose even an
ill-formed question. The nice thing about living the culture is that
you don't have to be perfect here.