Dr. Michael Mancini (
19 Aug 1995 20:30:58 GMT

JSmith1283 ( wrote:
: Thanx doc for the Motrin script. I have received many email responses to
: this post, most of which has been from non-whites telling me to shut-up.
: I wonder what other AA men and women think. And to the author who pointed
: out the beauty of women's swining breast and the M. Angelo's poetry, I
: hope the boys/men who ogled the N.G.s for naked women perceived the art as
: such as they masturbated.

: The last think I need is a bunch of non-AA women (or non-AAs period)
^^ ^^
: telling me how to look at something. Your experiences are not mine so you
: may never understand.

: When I heard that crap, all I could think about is the African woman's
: historical relationship with white men which has been a long run of rape
: and molestation. In fact this relationship is the part of slavery that NO
: ONE want to talk about.

: As a life long student of AA history, ancient and modern, I believe in the
: Sankofa approach that I must continue to look back in order to understand
: the present and the future. Another part of the past and present is that
: the AA woman, who could never be admitted into the 'cult of pure
: womanhood' has continuously been defiled, maligned and etc. I merely
: raised the question about AA men protecting us from this continuance. I
: do not seek anything from the non-AAs. I and my foresisters have had
: quite enough from you (metaphorically speaking) and your forefathers.

Wow Jo, you have mentioned the term African-American a total of SEVEN
times in this post. I congratulate you on ramming this politically-
correct term down our collective throats.

as I told you before, if everyone had the same empty-headed, liberal
viewpoint that you and Rev. Jackson had, lawsuits would be filed against
the NAACP and UNCF in order to change their titles to the NAAAAP and

Here is the crux of your problem. Not everyone who is black is also
African-American. I have friends from Jamaica who detest the term
African-American. There are also black Italians (are you surprised!)
who have an Italian heritage, and not an African one. What about Haitians?
On the flip side, there are Africans (South Africans specifically) who
are white. Are they African Americans as well?

There was onces a great American who felt the way I feel, that we should
not be judged on the color of our skin, but on the content of our
character. His name was Dr. Martin Luther King. I suggest you read some
of his essays and speeches before posting again.