Dr. Michael Mancini (
19 Aug 1995 20:47:33 GMT

LAPRET ( wrote:
: I agree with Dani K. I'd also like to ask white men what are you worried
: about? Like Bob Marley's song "who the cap fit" says, if the cap does not
: fit you, you should not feel bad. If you have not insulted someone then
: you should not feel bad when I say as ablack woman I feel insulted by what
^^^^^ ^^^^^
: a white man said. If you are a white man who respects black women and
^^^^^ ^^^^^
: works toward strengthening the bonds between them, you should not feel
: bad. So I ask you, what have done to make black women feel respected in
^^^^^ ^^^^^
: this white male dominated society that views black women disparagingly?
^^^^^ ^^^^^

I think you misspelled African-American.

: james g. keegan jr. ( wrote:

: : You spineless dweeb, you did not prove I am behind Pure Silk.. This
: : is rather stupid, since I AM Pure Silk.
: : There is nothing to prove.