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Eryn Picard (at693@FreeNet.Carleton.CA)
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 16:12:37 GMT

Norman Sides ( writes:
> david yost ( wrote:
> : Does anything in this group have to do with science ?
> : First time reading it,boy!
> I agree with your assessment of this group. There seems to be very little
> science here. I first checked it out a few months ago and even naively
> posted a question concerning theoretical issues. I got no responses, of
> course. This appears not to be a forum where substantive issues are

I think taht this place is mroe for the 'general person' - not
professionals.. there is an sci.anthropology.paleo that is really good -
but a little over my head still.. full of genetics, and such stuff..

> discussed. The most active thread I saw was a discussion of breast and
> penis size, or the one involving professional sniping between an Australian
> anthropologist and his American counterparts. Well, maybe the breast and
> pudenda thread wasn't entirely frivolous, but if you're looking for
> serious scientific discussion of society, culture, human behavior or the
> nature of social change, this aint the place.

So post something!

> Is it just this group, or is cultural anthropology itself moribund? With
> the loss of the world's aboriginal peoples or their cultural
> assimilation, has anthropology lost its focus? If so, it is because the
> theoretical foundations of the science were never fully developed in the
> first place. What is culture? I've seen many definitions, but none was
> more than simply descriptive - and inadequately descriptive at that. This
> isn't too surprising considering the complexity of the phenomena
> involved, but if anthropology can't get more rigor in its own central
> concepts, it's not really an adequate science.

EXCUSE ME? NOT SCIENCE?? Umm.. check your facts pal..

> There's lots of stuff going on in the world today: events and processes
> which would seem to be the proper subject matter of a vigorous and
> productive social science. I think a few conceptual revolutions are going
> to have to occur, though, if anthropology is to shake off its apparent
> lethargy and begin shedding more light on these events and processes.

Mail me and we'll talk science. .I'd personally love to.. and as I said..
check out sci.anthroplogy.paleo ok?


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