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Eryn Picard (at693@FreeNet.Carleton.CA)
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 16:08:46 GMT

david yost ( writes:
> Does anything in this group have to do with science ?
> First time reading it,boy!

Umm.. human genetics.?? I'm a physical anthropologist.. and bio is one of
the most *important* subfields I had to study.. If you think that cultural
anthro is the only anthro, the it doesnt really have anything to do wit
hscience.. but there is also archeaology - which is a subsecion of anthro
-which not many people know.. in that there is rasdio carbon dating..
potassium argon dating and scads of other dating techniques that are
scientific. Osteology - medical anthropology (my field) has a graet deal
to do with anthro. I'm a graduate with a B.SC in anthro.. which means
Science... Not Arts..

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