Re: Profanity versus Professionalism: A little math

Thomas S. Zemanian (
17 Aug 1995 16:52:14 GMT

In article <40uq1l$>, (WAYNE
JOHNSON) wrote:


> Just so Carl won't call ME stupid, I'll write an equation:
> r
> p - = n
> a
> where p is the post, r is the number of responses, a is the number of
> authors, and n is the number of nuts involved.
> Somebody check my math.

Well, I was going to let this go, but since you asked...

Your equation is dimensionally inconsistent. I do not see a way that a
post can be a number, thus, the dimensions of this expression boil down to

[post] =o= [number].

Clearly something must be wrong.

Moreover, your contention seems to be that the number of nuts involved is
proportional to the average number of responses to a post per author.
This seems odd: should one author write seventeen responses to a single
post, and no one else does, are there then seventeen nuts involved in a
thread involving only two people?

Nice try, though.


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