Evolving a MPP

Joydeep Mutsuddhi (joydeep.mutsuddi@citicorp.com)
14 Aug 1995 10:31:00 GMT

I am a Human Resources Professional and am currently in the process of coming up with a Manpower Planning System for my Company. Ours is a Software Organisation . This means that we have a pool of very qualified and talented members . Unforunately owing to external attributes we have an employee turnover to the tune of 18-20% most of who make a beeline to the US of A. I have a basic plan which is more conceptual than practical . I would appreciate if you could revert with the areas you think one needs to

tackle while evolving such a plan especially in a fluctuating job market (Software). If any one of you out there has worked on a such a plan that really would be an added bonus.

Please do revert by 20/08. Sunday. Looking forward to your suggestions.