Re: evolution v. creation

Rodney Wines (R_WINES@TRZCL1)
14 Aug 1995 09:12:40 GMT

In <> writes:

> Yes, evolution of species does occur.

Yes, Bob, and based upon your posts of late, you got left in the shallow end
of the gene pool ...

> Actually, transplantation is another explanation that is commonly
> overlooked.

Spontaneous generation is another explanation that is commonly overlooked.
The tooth fairy is another explanation that is commonly overlooked. There
are good reasons for that.

> There are few ecotopes that do not contain an element of life that came
> from "outside". Why should the ecotope called planet earth be any
> different?

Well, Bobbie, I thought you were an astronomer. You never learned about
interstellar distances 'n stuff like that in astronomy school???

For life from "outside" to thrive or even be able to eat on Earth, it'd have
to've evolved under similar conditions as existing life on Earth, and have
similar chemical processes at work. That means, it's gotta live somewhere
between the freezing and boiling points of water, etc.

Now, you'd expect us to believe that any kind of life, even microbes or
viruses, is capable of surviving a disaster great enough to throw it off its
own planet and give it not only interplanetary but interstellar escape
velocity? You expect us to believe that such life could survive the millions
or billions of years required to get to Earth (and beat the incredibly small
odds of even FINDING Earth), survive the reentry into the atmosphere, and
THEN be compatible enough with the existing life forms to be able to survive

Personally, I'd find it far easier to believe in God, and so far I've been
unable to believe in God ...

Oh, and BTW, if life on Earth came from "outside", where did life on
"outside" come from???

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