Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)

myers ((no email))
13 Aug 1995 22:00:07 GMT

>> The calendar on my desk, which is an ordinary business
>> calendar obtained from an ordinary office supply
>> store begins all weeks on Sunday. I don't ever remember
>> seeing a calendar that didn't.

>> Of course calendars don't dictate when weeks must begin, but
>> they do indicate some degree of common wisdom.

>I've had several calendars that start the week on Monday. If Sunday
>is part of the weekEND, why should it also be the start of the week?

Look, people. Among the majority of the english speaking people in the
world (and the french, spanish, german, and russian speakers too), the
week starts on a monday. It's only here in the US that children are
taught the days of the week starting with sunday. Is your desk calendar
perhaps made in the US for Americans?

- DM