Re: evolution v. creation

Grant Edwards (
Sun, 13 Aug 1995 15:40:38 GMT


: A few simple questions:
: 1. Have you ever seen automobiles mate?

Yup. Happens all the time during rush hour on the freeway.

: 2. After they mate, do any of the defective ones die?

Well, it depends on how enthusiastically they mate. Many times one of the
seems to be dead and has to be hauled away on a truck.

: 3. Do the automobiles doing the mating decide how their offspring look
: and perform?

Never seen any offspring...

: 4. Is there any cross-breeding between automobiles and trucks?

Yes, and it's rather tough on the automobiles.

: 5. If life came from outside Earth, the corollary should be true. What
: life from Earth has gone elsewhere to germinate?

Er, I dunno.

: 6. Is your analogy real, or is this a joke?

You decide...

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