Re: evolution v. creation

13 Aug 1995 00:47:13 GMT

(Robert Roosen) writes:
> Yes, evolution of species does occur. Evolution of automobile
>models also occurs. The question is whether evolution occurs through
>natural selection or through changes in the mind of the designer(s).
> Actually, transplantation is another explanation that is commonly
>overlooked. There are few ecotopes that do not contain an element of
>life that came from "outside". Why should the ecotope called planet
>earth be any different?

A few simple questions:
1. Have you ever seen automobiles mate?
2. After they mate, do any of the defective ones die?
3. Do the automobiles doing the mating decide how their offspring look
and perform?
4. Is there any cross-breeding between automobiles and trucks?
5. If life came from outside Earth, the corollary should be true. What
life from Earth has gone elsewhere to germinate?
6. Is your analogy real, or is this a joke?

Wayne Johnson