Re: evolution v. creation

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Sun, 13 Aug 1995 12:51:09 GMT

: A few simple questions:
: 1. Have you ever seen automobiles mate?

"evolution" and "adaptation" have general meanings besides the technical
definitions of biology. In that sense, cars do evolve, like software,
the universe, life, situations, etc. Cars do not evolve by Natural

Assuming life does evolve, then to be painfully precise, biology cannot
state that it evolves by natural selection. It can only state it is the
most probable known solution. 99.9998% probable is still not 100%.

However, the articulated lorry has been reported to mate. This is
described in recent issues of AIR. Actually, there are only recent
issues of AIR. (AIR is an evolved form of JIR.)

As another aside, I wonder why people try to use science to disprove
religion or religion science. They're based on incompatiable
assumptions about the nature of the universe. If you're secure in your
assumptions, what do you care what I or they think?

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