Re: If god exists, what created god?

9 Aug 1995 01:56:10 GMT

I have seen many responses on this topic. Here is mine -
1. creation is something which is in reference to a event(mass,
space, time, other dimensions...)
2. All the material elements where born in a perfect and in a very
orderly manner!!. First Hydrogen, then helium, .... then gold,
mercury...etc. as in the periodic table. There was no nitrogen before
hydrogen was born! and there was no GOLD before hydrogen, carbron.....
3. Even though material world was born from hydrogen, Where did
this hydrogen come from?!! The answer is anti-matter hydrogen which is
a complement to hydrogen which will cancel OUT and disappear and then
the NET result is ZERO, NULL and but nothing but zero!!!
4. Science says Total energy/mass of the universe is zero!! WE are
living in a MAGIC WORLD which ACTUALLY DOES NOT EXIST theoretically
reason, because it is NULL and VOID. SO where is question of CREATING a
NULL or ZERO?!!!! Some day, even YOU may do this simple SAME magic. In
ancient INDIA, there lived a man called Viswamitra who started the
creation of magic world on his own. Other than this, there is no report
in the entire human history the mention of creating the magic worlds
untill date.....UNLESS somebody in this world is already
doing/done.......????!!! So there is no ONE GOD, there can be infinite
number of GODS!!!!!!! YOU and I can also become one.
5. There is proof of existence of many other dimensions!! You
should talk to atom scientists.
6. Birth, death, creation applies ONLY to material world of atoms.
There exists infinite number of colors in the light waves and
similarly there exists infinite number of dimensions.
7. Probably there is a existence of super beings in other dimesions
who did the magic WE may never know perfectly well!!
8. Even in this world - WE human beings are NOT number one. I know
that other animals like dog, fox have better ears than ours, others
like birds have thousand times powerful eyes than ours, some other
animal can run 1000 times faster than man, some other animal like
elephant has million times more memory than man's brain, some other
animal's intelligence is much higher than that of man!! the list goes
on...... MAN is NOT THE BEST even in this WORLD. BElieve me I had
observed this since my childhood!!

YOU can more to this list

al dev

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>: >exactly. God isn't physical. God is a spirit. He just is and was

>: >forever. Trying to imagine what created God is like trying to
>: >what space is expanding into, or imagining living forever. The
>: >is just too difficult for us to grasp.
>: Space expands into nothing, we do not live forever, and there is no
>In your opinion... that's why I said IMAGINE... space expands into
>nothing yes, but trying to imagine nothing; more empty than space.
>not that hard, but hard enough. And IMAGINE living forever; what
would i
>be like? Never dying... sheesh