Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)

Michael L. Siemon (
Tue, 08 Aug 1995 18:12:16 -0400

+I do however
+find your references to my apparent lack of maturity and patience rather
+insulting. Please do not judge me (or others) based on a light-hearted
+request for information.

My apologies. Possibly I should have allowed for the drier form of wit
that flourishes in the UK; I know that I was out of sorts because some
of the contributions to the thread *have* been dismally unimaginative.
I am sorry to say that I *did* take you comment as a kind of adolescent
attitudinizing that shows up rather a lot on the net.

I guess that if I am being humourless myself (as I unfortunately was
in this instance) I should also restrain my too-Germanic and heavy
sarcasm. Thanks for the calm tone of your protest!

Michael L. Siemon (

"Stand, stand at the window, as the tears scald and start;
you shall love your crooked neighbor, with your crooked heart."