Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)

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8 Aug 1995 14:26:33 GMT

Stephen Souter ( wrote:
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: > I read some a suggestion some years ago that we adopt a calendar with 13
: > months of four weeks each. 4x7x13=364. Add a new years day with the
: > appropriate leap day/year correction and you have a system where the the
: > nth day of the mth month is the same day of the week every year (if the
: > 365th day is at the end of the year).

: Except that for such an idea to work, you need to impose a kludge: the
: 365th day (not to the mention the 366th during leap years) would not be
: able to belong to *any* week otherwise it would throw the entire
: synchronisation askew!

: As if those poor souls born on February 29 don't have enough grief
: already! Only one birthday every four years. Now we'd be taking their
: "rightful" place in the week away from them, instead tacking them onto the
: year as some kind of left-over afterthoughts. :)

I was born on February the 29th. I can't see that any calendar
reforms would make me more depraved than I already am.

"But you celebrate your birthday on March 1st, don't you?"

"We didn't get you a present because we were sure you only celebrated
your birthday during a leap year."

Further excuses left as an exercise to the reader.

: Stephen Souter

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