Re: if existance exists why create a creator?

Supratic Gupta (
6 Aug 95 14:47:08

In article <> Jason Locke <> writes:

|Diane_M Greene <> wrote:
|>?(if existance exists why create a creator?)
|Who said there was a creator?

It is not a question if creator exists, but we Human being find it as
a insult if we who consider ourself as inteligent find that we are
unable to understand some thing, for thousands of years, so we create
a thing called creator, which violates the very assumptions that required
its existence, namely every that exists must be created, by saying that
the creator is not part of that everything and it doesnot need a creator.

Actuall it is like long round trip, which makes you feel that you are
taking an independent route just because you keep forgetting the origin,
or else one would asily understand that this is the very contradiction
that is assumed now to validate the contradiction.