Re: If god exists, what created god?

Seby Kottayil (
7 Aug 1995 03:48:54 GMT

firebug ( wrote:

: Space expands into nothing, we do not live forever, and there is no God.
Fact - Space EXISTS
Fact - We have LIFE
Fact - THERE IS God
Fact - Our intelligence is too miniscule to COMPREHEND it, leave
alone explain it!

When I try to understand the concept of God, I think of other
living organisms, and try to relate what would be their perception of
us. For instance, take the living cells in our body. Do they think like
us? Try to decipher the great mysteries? If they do, in their own
little world, do they find any answers? Do they ever debate like us?
What would be their theories?

Then I think, if there can be lower organisms than us, surely
there should be higher organisms like us/unlike us and we could be part
of those. But then, can we understand their complexity?

With this chain of thinking, I have concluded that "If we exist,
our existance simply proves the existance of others like/unlike us".
Just because we are unable to understand/comprehend a higher
intelligence/being, we CANNOT conclude that there is NO God.

All in good spirit :-)