Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)
Mon, 07 Aug 95 11:23:02 PDT

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> As to your mention of a 10-month year, I suspect you are confusing this
> with the names for the months of September thru December. "December" is
> called this because before Julius Caesar's reforms the Roman year began in
> March, which (naturally) made September the 7th month on the calendar,
> December the 10th month, & February the 12th.
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> Stephen Souter

At school we were taught that the name for January came from the Roman
god Janus, who had two faces pointing in opposite directions. Thus, one face
was looking into the new year and one was looking into the old year.

Obviously if the year originally started in March, this theory is untrue,
and is merely an explanation added later, which seemed to fit the facts. Can
anyone confirm or deny this.

I'm always interested in proving that I was lied to as a child