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>: Geologist Dr. Donald Patton will be presenting compelling scientific evidence
>: supporting the biblical account of creation. Information concerning this
>: presentation can be found at URL:
>Over a hundred years after Darwin. Pretty sad, really.
Here's an anonymous "threat" mailed me this morning from Australia and my
response to it. I'd appreciate someone telling the .edu people in .au what
their posters are sending.

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> Recent news stories announced the discovery of THE MISSING LINK.
> An AP story dated 27 July 1995, ABC Nightly News on 28 July, BBC
> World News the same night, and today CBC Newsworld all carried
> the same news. It told of finding four foot bones from an
> early human ancestor. They were Australopithecus bones, found
> in rock rubble from a cave in South Africa.
> Ronald Clarke and Phillip Tobias, University of Witwatersrand
> in Johannesburg, have analyzed these remains. They indicate
> the ankle bone is like that in humans and shows the individual
> could walk upright. Bones from the front of the foot indicate
> the individual also had a divergent big toe. The big toe could
> be used in a grasping fashion and suggests the individual also spent
> some time in the trees. Thus, the Australopithecus represented by
> these foot remains had an intermediate adaptation between a life
> in the trees and one on the ground.
> The bones rested in hard to date contexts. However,
> it is estimated that they date to about 3.5 million years ago.
> Additional information about this discovery is being published
> in Science magazine due out today (28 July 1995).
> CBC Newsworld quotes a McGill University anthropologist as being
> very exited about this evidence showing how ape became man.
> The poster thanks:
> Mark A. McConaughy
> Section of Archaeology
> The State Museum of Pennsylvania
> Box 1026
> Harrisburg, PA 17109
> for providing the meat of this post.
> For an exposition of how this relates to the bible, write the
> poster <> and ask for

If we are just an accident, then what is stopping me killing you? A creator
= morals = correct way to live . BE RATIONAL

The pagan Japanese after Kyote was trashed by its earthquake did not loot.
Christian San Francisco and Los Angeles was a plunder area. How come the
difference? The Japanese, though pagan, have morals too. So do monkeys and
cats and all other creatures, only their morality suits their nature. When
you have 10 to 15 BILLION years of "accidents" and tryouts, the shoe soon fits
its last.