Re: Evolution Vs. Creation

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6 Aug 1995 23:03:19 GMT (Thomas M. Simms) wrote:
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> >Kevin Moeller ( wrote:
> >: Geologist Dr. Donald Patton will be presenting compelling scientific evidence
> >: supporting the biblical account of creation. Information concerning this
> >: presentation can be found at URL:
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> >Over a hundred years after Darwin. Pretty sad, really.
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> Here's an anonymous "threat" mailed me this morning from Australia and my
> response to it. I'd appreciate someone telling the .edu people in .au what
> their posters are sending.

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> > Recent news stories announced the discovery of THE MISSING LINK.
> > An AP story dated 27 July 1995, ABC Nightly News on 28 July, BBC
> > World News the same night, and today CBC Newsworld all carried
> > the same news. It told of finding four foot bones from an
> > early human ancestor. They were Australopithecus bones, found
> > in rock rubble from a cave in South Africa.
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> Hey!
> If we are just an accident, then what is stopping me killing you? A creator
> = morals = correct way to live . BE RATIONAL
> The pagan Japanese after Kyote was trashed by its earthquake did not loot.
> Christian San Francisco and Los Angeles was a plunder area. How come the
> difference? The Japanese, though pagan, have morals too. So do monkeys and
> cats and all other creatures, only their morality suits their nature. When
> you have 10 to 15 BILLION years of "accidents" and tryouts, the shoe soon fits
> its last.

Why do I need a creator to believe that taking a human or non-human life is wrong?
Is the feeling I get when I hurt a friend or animal, guilt brought on by decades of
social integration here in the US? Or when I accidentally hit an animal with my car,
even a bug, do I realize the lost potential of that life. The actions it will never take
do to my actions. Perhaps that is why we loot and others don't. Beacuse we feel
we are not responsible to ourselves or our culture. Rather we are responsible to some
being which we have yet to have any real tie to. Faith makes us like children again.
We need not be responsible because God will forgive us. I am responsible to me
keep your God out of my life, my government, my family, and my future.