Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Mike Dworetsky (
Fri, 28 Apr 1995 16:41:29 GMT

In article <> (JAMES BENTHALL) writes:
>In article <3nhe91$>, David Bos <> writes...
>>But what about photons? Do they have mass or not?
>The current consensus is that photons do not have mass, but I've heard of
>ongoing research that asserts that photons may have a miniscule amount.
> james

I saw this on sci.astro, but do not know why it came cross-posted to
those other groups.

James, I think you are confusing photons, which have no mass, and
neutrinos, for which recent research suggests very small masses. There
is no fundamental reason why neutrinos cannot have some mass, but no one
has until recently produced a convincing experiment that demonstrated
this. The new results are still being argued about. Cosmologists would
welcome confirmation that neutrinos have mass.

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