Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

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Mon, 17 Apr 1995 23:53:52

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>>Here's the relevant paragraphs from Rushton's _Race, Evolution, and
>>Behavior_ (p. 167). Too bad you don't have the book yourself.
>> "New focus on penis size has come in the wake of the AIDS crisis.
>>It has become increasingly obvious that one size of condum does not fit
>>International Organization for Standardization have recommended a 49-mm
>>flat width condom for Asia, a 52-mm flat width for North America and
>>Europe, and a 53-mm size for Africa (e.g., World Health Organization,
>>1991 [Global Programme on AIDS. _WHO Specifications and Guidelines for
>>Condom Procurement_. Geneva, Switzerland: WHO]). China is reported to
>>be manufacturing its own condoms--49 mm, plus or minus 2 mm.

>Tell me I'm actually seeing this on a thread about white racism, and
>that this isn't some nightmare that I need only open my eyes to

This time, I absolutely agree with you.

>I fear, though, that this is the "real" world. A world where a
>person, in justification of racism, will actually attempt to
>introduce penis size as proof that one group whom he believes
>to have large penises is therefore inforior to groups with
>smaller penises.

>Some ignorance is so monumental that it is an accomplishment in


This study is ludicrous. Black people do not need MORE negative
feedback, if this can even be called *feedback.* What can anbody
do with this so-called "information?" It is just plain destructive.

Eileen Camilleri