Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Phil A. Willems (
27 Apr 1995 19:09:16 GMT

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Hugh Gibbons <hgibbons@hoshi.Colorado.EDU> wrote:
>> Just to correct a common misunderstanding. The Big Bang did not explode
>> "into" anything--there was no "space" to explode into. The Big Bang (it
>> is theorized) "created" the space as the expansion occurred. When we are
>> looking at quasars millions of light-years distant receding from us, they
>> are not receding "into" space, rather *the space between us is expanding*!
>> We are stationary and the quasar is stationary, but the space between us
>> is expanding!
>This sounds like a distinction without a difference to me. How do you
>demonstrate that the redshift is due to the "expansion of space"
>rather than motion?

The statement that there is no "space" to explode into is another
way of saying that the universe has no edge, that you cannot stand outside of
it and see it expand.