Re: CyberAnthropology anyone?

Vince Bollozos (
Thu, 27 Apr 1995 17:35:23 GMT

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>Christ this bullshit jargon is becoming overbearing.
>CyberAnthropology Home Page of Seeker1/!@#$%^&gobbledegookthingamyjig/
>With a capital letter in the middle into the bargain. What some people
>will do in their silly efforts to attract "research funding" to their
>"projects" and credibility as anthropologists, defies the imagination.
>It is all nothing more than the usual bunch of self-indignant fuckers
>jousting away at one another as they always have done, here via bits
>of wire strung between whole lots of computers scattered around the
>Whereas in earlier days it was via two bits of #8 fencing wire strung
>across the paddock. And before that via some messenger boy running
>from house to house.
>Before that with flintlock pistols at dawn . . .
>Each "service provider" (as the concurrent blather would have it) in
>turn making some passing sort of living at delivering other people's

Chill Snake!