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27 Apr 1995 14:16:30 -0400

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Jim C Clearman <> wrote:
>Carmella V. Greacen <> writes:
>Regarding Matriarchal cultures,
>I also opened my mouth in a recent discussion of the male/female power
>disparity (an ethics class). I pointed out that several Matriarchal cultures
>exist in the modern world, and that these cultures tended to be rather violent
>and aggressive. But, when pr
>essed I was unable to remember any concrete examples. Any examples you folk
>can remember?
>Jim Clearman

The Iroquois, though I do doubt that the Iroquois (or, for that matter
any of the other cultures occasionally cited as having been
matriarchical) were truly matriarchical in any real sense of that word.

Michael Rosenberg