Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Paul Bernhardt (
26 Apr 1995 09:50:41 GMT

Luke Brackett ( wrote:
: (David Finley) wrote:
: >
: >About the main point of this thread: Maybe? But I think the White Racists
: >lose out in all the fun of life. Not to mention overly limit their friends
: >and sex partners!
: White Racists limit their friends and SEX PARTNERS?
: Gosh! You are correct! Just ask Nicole Brown Simpson! Just think where she would be today
: if she had been a White Racist.

I assume you are suggesting that Nicole would still be alive and that her
murderer was OJ. The evidence is still way out on that case. I predict
that it will not be a hung jury but will be an aquittal. The evidence is
weak weak weak.