Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Bruce D. Scott (
26 Apr 1995 11:06:26 GMT

Conrad ( wrote:

: (JAMES BENTHALL) writes:

: >The current consensus is that photons do not have mass, but I've heard of
: >ongoing research that asserts that photons may have a miniscule amount.

: 1. Fischbach, E.; Kloor, H.; Langel, R.A.; Lui, A.T.Y.; and others.
: New geomagnetic limits on the photon mass and on long-range forces
: coexisting with electromagnetism.
: Physical Review Letters, 25 July 1994, vol.73, (no.4):514-17.

That reference merely places a lower "upper bound" on the photon mass than
previous experiments did. This is merely a reinforcement to the body of
data suggesting that the photon mass is zero within experimental tolerance.

What would suggest a photon mass would be a nonzero _lower_ bound. This is
what is being tested in the neutrino research.

I'm sure Gil can add his own creative sort of anti-scientific rant to this...

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