the beauty myth

absolut skeptic (
24 Apr 1995 08:15:33 GMT

Most studies by biologists and psychologists seem to point
toward an innate preconceived idea of attractiveness. Babies and people
across cultural and racial differences seem to agree on who is beautiful
and who is not. Specific features of the face have also been identified
as the composites of a beautiful face.

Papers based on these data commonly have a commentary that goes
like : ... contrary to the common stereotype that "beauty is merely in
the eye of the beholder".... & ... widely believed that beauty is an
arbitrary cultural convention may not be true...etc

Now, I know the cliche "beauty is in the eye of beholder" has been
a long-held belief in our society, but I'm interested in how the theory
of beauty being the influence of culture, media and society has become
a widely believed notion in modern society. Who might be the first to
suggest it ?? and how have they backed up their theory.

Also, I'm interested in how ideas of beauty have changed over
time. Thanx.