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ralph ambrose (
24 Apr 1995 07:32:17 GMT

>On 22 Apr 1995, Joan Lorrine McCollom wrote:
>> Sorry, I'm new at this. So, my previous post is quite empty...
>> I am glad someone asked about the backgrounds of the people who post
>> I have a feeling they are anthropologists by interest. I could be
>> but no one talks about fieldwork...
>> I got my MA at Stanford in Anthropology, my BA in Feminist Studies.
>> begin studying the feminist movement in China, and I am currently
>> drag queens in S.F. In general, I am studying the politics of style.
>> I wonder if anyone else is interested in starting a forum around
>> fieldwork or interests. I know I would. Julie, thanks for starting
>> question!
>> Joanie
>> >

I am an undergraduate. One project I am engaged in includes lithic
production and experimental archaeology the study is not yet published.
My primary interest in anthro, however, is social anthropology. I
speak Spanish and some Tagalog (filipino), and I would enjoy discussing
most aspects of linguistics.

I would like to do field work in South or Central America or in
Southeast Asia. I have done projects that included field work in the
gay community in Southern California. I am interested in precesses
involved in group member vs. non group member identification.