Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

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>In article <3nhe91$>, David Bos <> writes...
>>But what about photons? Do they have mass or not?
>The current consensus is that photons do not have mass, but I've heard of
>ongoing research that asserts that photons may have a miniscule amount.

1. Fischbach, E.; Kloor, H.; Langel, R.A.; Lui, A.T.Y.; and others.
New geomagnetic limits on the photon mass and on long-range forces
coexisting with electromagnetism.
Physical Review Letters, 25 July 1994, vol.73, (no.4):514-17.
Abstract available.
Pub type: Theoretical or Mathematical.

Abstract: A new geomagnetic limit on the photon mass $m_\gamma$ is
derived from an analysis of satellite measurements of the
Earth's magnetic field H. The primary effect of a nonzero
photon mass is to generate an additional contribution to H
resembling that from an external source. The authors find
$m_\gamma \le 8*10^{-16} eV c^{-2} = 10^{-48} gm$. The same
data are also used to set new limits on long-range fields
coexisting with electromagnetism.

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