Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

24 Apr 1995 16:37 CDT

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>>>Gil Hardwick <> wrote:
>>> What created the universe
>>>in which the big bang had taken place
>>There is no need for a universe before this one. For that matter in may
>>not even make sense to talk about "before". Time was also created at the
>>big bang. Since time is just another one of the dimensions of this
>>universe it doesn't really make sense to talk about a value of thime that
>>is outside the universe.
>Parsley, sage, the big bang and thime; no make that thyme :) WELL, so
>no universe existed until this one did; and this one just popped into being
>out of nothing? It seems you are saying we shouldn't bother to wonder what
>preceded this universe, since we are contained within it and so is time,
>hence nothing preceded it. Bet that's a cosmology and a half, ma'am!

In Timothy Ferris' book _Coming of Age in the Milky Way_ he relates a
story that the inventor of Inflation Theory said (I forgot his name):

"It doesn't really take a lot of matter to replicate the conditions at
the time of the Big Bang, but it does take a lot of pressure to replicate
the density. In fact, if technology was advanced enough to apply enough
pressure, it probably wouldn't take over 5 pounds of matter. For all we
know, this universe may have been created in someone's basement!"

>>>Further, what created the conditions for the big bang to occur in any
>>The big bang may have created its own conditions or no condition may be
>It created its own conditions, outside of time?
>>>To assert that such an explosion JUST HAPPENED out of nothing defies
>>>everything we know about explosions. And catastrophes.
>>No it doesn't! In quantum physics things can just happen. We know that
>>there is no need for a cause for the universe.

They call it a "quantum fluctuation". I'm still struggling to wrap my mind
around the concept myself.

Keep Looking Up!

james b.