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Gil Hardwick (
Mon, 24 Apr 1995 04:31:19 GMT

In article <3nc41n$qeh@amy30.Stanford.EDU>, Joan Lorrine McCollom (joanie@leland.Stanford.EDU) writes:
>Sorry, I'm new at this. So, my previous post is quite empty...
>I am glad someone asked about the backgrounds of the people who post because
>I have a feeling they are anthropologists by interest. I could be wrong,
>but no one talks about fieldwork...
>I got my MA at Stanford in Anthropology, my BA in Feminist Studies. I
>begin studying the feminist movement in China, and I am currently studying
>drag queens in S.F. In general, I am studying the politics of style.

Beware you don't have a demented professor of computer programming
there at Stanford, identified by senile decay having progressed down
to about waist height and obsessed with the pit viper droid which sits
there watching to see that he remains at his terminal else turns his
power off, coming over to your department harrassing you about your
ideological inclinations, will you.

Else a sincere good luck with your efforts; this here Internet thingy
representing as it does the very final bastion of fascist technocratic
piggery under said professor's aegis.

He was awarded a nice little plastic Nobel Replica by the Japanese
Industrial Sector, you know.

He who refuses to qualify data is doomed to rant.
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