Re: The Flat Earth?

Richard A. Schumacher (
21 Apr 1995 18:51:18 -0500

In <> (Madhudvisa) writes:

> This is a lot better because it makes the whole Northern Hemisphere
> exactly as we have observed it... Things only get tricky when you
> go "down under". We now have a North Pole exactly as we have
> observed it and we also have a South Pole -- which is no longer a
> point but a rugged icey mountainous region surrounding the whole
> planet. If you think about it there hasn't been so much exploration
> down there -- there's really no reason to go there. There are some
> Antarctic weather and research stations down there but that's about
> it.

This is a troll, right? The South Pole has been continuously occupied
since 1958. It's the _North_ Pole which is only occasionally visited.