Re: The Flat Earth?

Thomas S. Zemanian (
22 Apr 1995 16:51:06 GMT

In article <3n9gdm$>, (Richard
A. Schumacher) wrote:

> In <> (Madhudvisa) writes:
> > This is a lot better because it makes the whole Northern Hemisphere
> > exactly as we have observed it... Things only get tricky when you
> > go "down under". We now have a North Pole exactly as we have
> > observed it and we also have a South Pole -- which is no longer a
> > point but a rugged icey mountainous region surrounding the whole
> > planet. If you think about it there hasn't been so much exploration
> > down there -- there's really no reason to go there. There are some
> > Antarctic weather and research stations down there but that's about
> > it.
> This is a troll, right? The South Pole has been continuously occupied
> since 1958. It's the _North_ Pole which is only occasionally visited.

Oh yeah? Care to identify the factory that makes all those toys that show
up in my living room every December?


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