Re: Private practice in Anthropology

frank acton (
Tue, 18 Apr 95 00:39:12 -0500

Not good at finding your earlier message for an
"anthropological" curriculum bent. Sounds interesting. Of
course psychotherapy as a clinical practice is not for the
untrained; however, I read once that in Denmark there is the
additional choice of a philosopher for those seeking some form
of psychotherapy. I believe that the training I received in
anthropology (my first B.A.--you always love your first one
differently...) has made me a batter psychotherapist. The idea
of anthropologists in forensic work was laughed at once--I
believe that your field has a holistic viewpoint that most
reductionist psychologies lack, and definitely a damned better
view of people (while remaining open-eyed). Please send me
your thoughts--I'd love to help redefine clinical practice if
it will make a more effective treatment.

Frank Acton (