Re: Best American Composer.

Kublai Ken (
Mon, 17 Apr 1995 10:25:42 -0400

On 15 Apr 1995, Lane Singer wrote:

> Not a personal thing for me, unless one can consider it personal that
> his lack of talent is so incredibly glaring, and yet he seems to
> be wildly successful.

I guess this is a bad time to say I own the soundtracks for "Phantom of
the Opera," "Cats," and "Evita," isn't it?

> I believe he came up because at one point the topic was light opera,
> or musicals, and he seems to be one of the only games in town right
> now. But look back at the composers of 30-70 years ago, and it's
> enough to make one weep that all we have to show for ourselves at
> this point in that genre is Weber. (Not entirely true, I realize -
> I make no complaint about anyone else.)

Isn't Sondheim still around (my nominee for best composer, anyway?).
"Into the Woods," and the like are better in my mind than the Webber
things. Ah, well. Different tastes, I guess. I never knew that so many
people dislike Webber's work that much. Truth be told, I like his work,
but I have seen lots of people who cringe at the very mention of his
name, and I have always wondered why.
Oh, well. Thanks for the answer.