Re: Anyone know of medical anthro grad training?

Dr. Marion (
6 Apr 1995 17:03:54 GMT

Scott D Frank ( wrote:
: Jeffrey Hertzberg ( wrote:
: : A friend of mine is interested in post-doctoral training in medical
: : anthropology (social anthro emphasis). She's an MD with five years
: : of practice experience. Harvard apparently has a post-doctoral
: : fellowship. Any similar programs.

: : Jeff Hertzberg

: The Five Colleges (Mt. Holyoke, Smith, Hampshire, Amherst, and UMass
: Amherst) have a collective program that extends to the graduate level
: Called (not very original, I'm afraid) The Five College Program in
: Medical Anthropology. I believe it's headed up by Lynette Leidy at
: UMass....I'm sure you culd call the Anthro dept at any of the
: above listed schools for more info.

: Scott