Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Travis C. Porco (porco@pathos.Berkeley.EDU)
7 Apr 1995 04:48:01 GMT

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John Otteson <> wrote:
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...several layers of mutual attributions deleted to prevent
>|> >Is it *possible* that there is a political benefit to you in
>|> >denying the relevence of 400 years of white racism?
>|> If your grandfather cheated on his taxes,
>|> does the IRS sell your car to pay it?

>You did not answer my question.

Of course whites gain by eliminating quotas (which is
probably true), and that they have a selfish interest in
eliminating them (which is also true); nevertheless quotas are
discrimination. The civil rights laws were not supposed to
lead to quotas, and they were meant as short term stopgaps.
Many members of minority groups can earn respect through hard
work and actual accomplishment. They don't need quotas and
they certainly don't need sympathy from a little guy like me.


>|> .... And pompous
>|> self-righteous whiners like you want to sacrifice them.
>Again we do name calling. End of discussion.'s a fair cop. See my follow up post to myself where I
regretted writing in anger what I would not have said in words
F2F. As I indicated in the followup to myself, I hate it when
these discussions deteriorate in to flame wars worthy only of
idiots. My apology.