Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

John Otteson (
6 Apr 1995 16:43:37 GMT

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|> >I suggest that your father and grandfather *knew* that the society they
|> >lived in welcomed them and would allow them to rise up through hard-work.
|> >I suggest that you might have *inherited* this perspective from them. This
|> >is one of the many benefits of being a member of the white social club.
|> >
|> Inherited? Along with blue eyes and blond hair?
|> It's one of the benefits of being any member of a majority group
|> (assuming the majority is also socially and economically dominant)
|> anywhere on earth. At this point, the correct attitudes begin to seem
|> daffier and daffier (and I share them, for heaven's sake). Truisms
|> blossom like spring flowers. The only really acceptable posture for any
|> white person seems to be on his/her knees crying, "Oh,God, it's true! I
|> was born white and have enjoyed all the advantages thereof."
|> Or the advantaged one could just say, "Oh, rat spit. I'm tired of
|> obligatory guilt," and go back to reading Shelby Steele.

Fuck guilt. It is useless. I am arguing for a realistic assessment of
how we got to this point in history. We need to look at the problems;
specifically the continued affects of 400 years of white racism. We do
*not* need to talk of guilt and blame, life is much too short for such