hekatologos 1741

Martin Helick (rmhelick@telerama.lm.com)
13 Apr 1995 20:49:58 -0400

1741 Is doiligh lacha fiain a chlo. (It's difficult to tame a
wild duck)

In its rawest sense, to tame is to break the spirit, to take a
creature that is happily indifferent to what we humans say and do
and to make it dependent upon us. We like to believe that by cen-
turies of selective breeding we have changed its nature, and to a
certain degree this is so. But we have not taken away its wild-
ness as much as we have encased it, much as the crust of the earth
encases its molten core. And just as a volcano can erupt without
warning or a gentle house pet can become a feral beast when aban-
doned or abused, so we who ourselves are imperfectly tame are
capable of indignities that stagger the imagination once the web
of civilization has been ruptured and its contained fury set free.
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