Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Robert Hartman (
13 Apr 1995 23:39:47 GMT

In article <3mgkgn$>, Donald Edwards <> wrote:
:"Runner A and runner B start a race an equal distance from the finish
:"line. Runner A has a basically clear lane ... Runner B's lane contains
:"obstacles of varying shapes and sizes laid out at irregular
:"intervals. He has only been warned about some of them. Affirmatrive
:"action programs say if runner B finishes the race in his lane >>in
:"the same time our faster than runner A<<, he should be considered a
:"more qualified athlete.
:That's your interpretation.
:What I see happening is that because runner B was so disadvantaged,
:the debris will be moved from lane 2 to lane 1 for the race between
:C and D, and this is supposed to make things fair.

Perhaps. More likely, only a small portion of the debris would get
moved--the barest minimum needed to establish formal compliance. Then,
if runner D wins, people will discredit him because runner C had to face
some unfamiliar debris for the first time.

Would it make the race any fairer if we were to move all of the debris
back to lane 2, and go back to pretending that there never was any debris?

This seems to me what the "let's end AA right now" campaign is advocating.

If that's not what you're advocating, what _are_ you advocating?