Re: Marijuana use in Africa?

4 Apr 1995 19:01:13 -0600

> I am writing a paper on marijuana use and am curious if
> anyone has info on its use in Africa, in traditional
> 'rituals,' for medicinal purposes, or in the more abuse-
> oriented American usage. Thanks.

=Why would it be _used_ in Africa in traditional rituals and _abused_
=for American usage? Because it's on different continents? Because
=of our "superior" technologic "civilization"?
=You should begin your work by such epistemologic questions.

That's a good point, but I guess I really meant African 'use' in
terms of the possibilities of some sort of traditional religious experience,
whereas American 'abuse' would refer more to many western pot smokers who
do so habitually, not unlike drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes.
Western Culture, youth culture in particular, tends to have a similar
'abuse' of such plants as the psylocybin (sp?) mushroom and peyote, which
were and are traditional spiritual transcendants for many people.

ps, I make no claim that western culture is in any way "superior" to