Re: Race, intelligence, and anti-racist prejudice (Was: Genetic Evolution)

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7 Apr 1995 19:43:45 GMT

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Ted Holden <> wrote:
>There are several kinds of things you have to keep in mind when you read
>tbc or read about tbc and those kinds of topics. You have to remember to
>wonder what having the best and brightest members of a group of people
>lynched for four or five generations would do to iq averages; you have to
>wonder what ghetto culture would do to such averages, what government
>programs like housing projects would do to such averages... And then,
>you have to remember that the greatest poet who ever wrote in any Indo-
>European language, Pushkin, was a man of color, a great or great-great
>grandson of a man given to Tsar Peter as a gift of some sort by the
>Turkish sultan after being taken on a slave raid; you have to remember
>that our greatest composer (Joplin) was black, and you have to remember
>who Percy Julian was; his Chicago chemical plant developed the "bean
>soup" used to put out shipboard fires in WW-II. If we'd lost a carrier
>every time one caught on fire in those days, you might be speaking
>The idea of an Aryan or white iq advantage is bullshit and, as even the
>authors of tbc note, there is nothing to prevent whites from suffering the
>same kinds of problems which underclass blacks suffer, given the same
>kinds of circumstances or the same kinds of stupid government policies
>affecting their lives.

Well I'll be damned. I am in near total agreement with Ted! The only
exception I might note is that I think the problems blacks face goes
well beyond any recent government policy.

I suppose now hell will freeze over.

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